Having access to consistent, quality homecare can be life-changing for patients and caregivers. 

It’s more comfortable, convenient and safer for a wide range of medical needs — and it's preferred by many who need care.

It eases the strain on frontline workers, keeps hospitals from becoming crowded, and creates a stronger healthcare system for all.

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Everyone benefits when Ontario invests in more 


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So much care could stay home.

You might be surprised to learn just how many medical treatments and types of care can be provided effectively at home — keeping patients and caregivers safer, and lightening the load on institutional care. The following are just a few. 



Illness, surgery, complex medical needs and other conditions often result in the need for nursing care. A Registered Nurse or RPN can monitor patients, coordinate with other healthcare providers, and administer a wide range of treatments,
all from the comfort of home.

— Chemotherapy
— Dialysis
— Complex wound care
— IV therapy
— Feeding tubes
— End of life care
— Catheter changes
— Ventilator care
— Pediatric care
— Continence management
— Diabetic education and management
— Cancer care
— Ostomy care
— Dementia care


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Personal Support Services

Living well at home, and staying at home longer as we age, can be possible with the right homecare services. Personal Support Workers and Community Health Workers assist with activities of daily living to improve patients' quality of life and overall well-being.

— Senior care

— Home support
— Respite care
Mobility assistance 
— Companionship
— Medication management 
— Bathing
— Toileting
— Dressing
— Mobility
— Feeding


Rehabilitation Support Services

A wide range of rehab support services can be provided at home to help Ontarians of all ages recover from injury and illness, relearn and regain the ability to perform tasks, manage chronic conditions, and maintain independence.  

— Post-surgical care
— Physiotherapy
— Post-stroke care

— Social work

— Dietetics
— Speech Language Pathology
— Occupational therapy


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